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How to Distinguish a Great Business Consultant From a Mediocre One

by Alina

Business consulting is a billion dollar business, and some of that money is paid to consultants who supply mediocre advice. As business leaders know well, mediocrity can be more exasperating than failure, because it lasts longer. seowebpromote When a company turns the poor advice of a consultant into an investment that delivers mediocre results, it often makes additional investments in hopes of tweaking the results – a vicious cycle that can affect its bottom line.

If you need a consultant, be on the lookout for the signs below as you interview candidates. These could indicate that the advice of a particular consultant would generate mediocre results during the results tracking period:

Identifying a Complex Solution as a Turnkey Solution

By definition, a turnkey solution is ready for immediate use (think delivery pizza), and few solutions actually meet this definition. That does not stop some consultants from using the term turnkey to describe solutions that may involve training. myworldmarkstory If a consultant states that a complex solution is a turnkey solution, he may mean that he intends to conduct a no strings attached sale.

What You Say Isn’t Considered

Consultants are in the business of dispensing advice, hence their propensity to focus on what they are saying, and not what they are hearing from you. There is a difference between myopic focus and wearing professional blinders. investorsocial As much as executive consultants know about their specialty, they must apply that knowledge to your company’s needs. If they do not listen to your observations, their ability to understand those needs is weak at best.

Promise of Seamless Integration

Any solution that changes an old way of doing things is bound to cause disruption, regardless of how it is integrated. If a business consultant claims that integrating a new solution will be seamless, he may have his mind on the sale and not how the changeover will affect your company. If a solution will change the way you do business, a consultant should help you create plan for acclimating to the changes that result from implementing it.

Speaks Intently of Meeting Employee Needs

Because a company has more employees than it has managers, what its employees wish to receive from a new product line, service, or infrastructure is often more detailed than what its managers wish to receive. bestandnews Consequently, supplying the needs of the employees could result in a larger sale for the consultant than supplying the needs of the managers.

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