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Consider the Management Consulting Field For a Financially-Secure Career

by Alina

If you happen to be someone who’s looking at going back to school to get a degree so that you can find a job that pays you what you’re worth, you might want to consider working towards a degree in management consulting. timinginfo A management consultant is the person who has the responsibility to fill technical gaps that are in various organizations in order to increase efficiency and productivity. Management consulting is a field that is growing quickly, and employees at the top consulting firms can expect to earn a premium wage and benefits. Becoming a top-notch consultant requires the proper education and work experience, but it can be well worth the effort.

Consulting firms are rated based the amount of profits they post, the businesses they acquire, and the amount of returns received on investments. designtoolsnetwork While these companies started out billing their clients only for man-hours and supplies, the approach to earnings has now shifted to include a more result-oriented pricing scale in addition to time and materials. Some of the top-rated companies in the country, based on these criteria, include:

  1. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP – offers tax, assurance, and business consulting services and is considered to be one of the largest providers worldwide. It is in operation in 154 countries with an employee base of 161,000. amorvintage In 2010 the company accrued a profit of $26.6 billion. Given the fact that the company provides mainly consulting jobs in the accounting field, it often hires CAs, CFAs, and lawyers.
  2. Booz and Company – ranks as the oldest management consulting firm still in existence, and it was responsible for the initial coining of the term “management consultant”. Founded in 1914, it offers consulting services to both public and private concerns, operates in 33 countries, and employs in excess of 3,200. One sector of the Booz operation offers consulting services only to the United States government.
  3. Accenture – is the top management consulting firm in the world and the one that people hear the most about. It’s a leader in the fields of business process engineering and systems integration and operates in more than eighty countries worldwide. mydigitalstar Although Accenture originally began as a spin off company from the famous firm of Arthur Andersen Consulting, it surpassed it’s parent company in both presence and revenue in 2001.

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